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December 10-14, 2018
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What is FETI?
Certified FETI is a science-based methodology designed to educate professionals to use empathic listening and brain-based cues to facilitate collection of psychophysiological evidence from those that have experienced trauma or high stress.  Certified FETI accurately captures an individual’s high stress or trauma enabling others to understand the experience.

What is FETI?  … explained in a different way:
Chief Osgood refers to FETI as the “biggest innovation”  and used it to successfully nab Harvey Weinstein.  This article talks about the massive shift in NYPDs SVU after they implemented FETI.  It also talks about an incredible and brave police department willing to make the changes needed in order to create opportunities for justice and accountability.  We are so proud of Chief Osgood and the work he has done in New York:
NYPD’s sex-crimes commander Michael Osgood couldn’t nab Harvey Weinstein the first time he tried. He won’t let that happen again.

–By the way- 
 the first responders (Andrea Munford and Angela Povilaitis) have publicly given credit to the use of FETI (and Russell Strands theory of the third persona) in the Larry Nassar Case.

The Larry Nassar Closing arguments where she talks about Russells work.  She talks about Russ at 18:48- but the entire closing is inspiring.  They talked specifically about FETI at the Crimes against Children conference last week- and there will be a Larry Nassar specific panel inNovember (Russell is on that panel).
Larry Nassar Sentencing Hearing Prosecution Closing Arguments

Is FETI just for police and prosecutors???
Check out this article and how a SANE used FETI and was able to help create justice for Abby Honold-  who is now changing the laws in her community!!
Her rapist is behind bars because a nurse asked the right questions
What more reasons “Why FETI”

Check out our website,  many of these articles are about FETI:
Big American MNC in India Equates Sexual Harassment with Fraud By Sharanya Gopinathan April 7, 2018. Sexual Assault Survivor Shares Three Things she Wants the Victims to Know

How can I can I help to change the world?

Papago Park Military Reservation
Allen Readiness Center.
5636 E McDowell Rd Bldg. M5260
Phoenix AZ 85008

Dec. 10-11, 2018:
Introduction to the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI)
(Step One towards Certification)
The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview enables an understanding of how persons who experience trauma or high stress, due to automatic reactions by their brains, actually experienced the event and recorded it into memory.  Key to effective evidence gathering, this methodology reduces the inaccuracy of the information provided during an interview and greatly enhances the understanding of the person’s traumatic or stressful experience.

Dec. 12-14, 2018 (This course is full):
Practical Application of the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI)
(Step Two towards Certification)
(NOTE:  only 30 seats available)
Practical Application of FETI attendees will apply and demonstrate FETI skill sets learned during the Introduction to FETI course.  Live examples of Forensic Experiential Trauma Interviews will be utilized to demonstrate the correct practical application of the methodology.  Attendees will be required to experience and practice actual FETI interviews in front of other attendees who will offer critique facilitated by a Certified FETI Instructor. Each attendee will participate in a confidential FETI interview facilitated by a Advanced Certified FETI Practitioner with a Specialty in Personal Experience Interviewing.  It is essential for those who interview persons who have experienced trauma or high stress to know what it is like to be interviewed about a traumatic event.

Additionally, attendees will be expected to perform the role of interviewee multiple times during the course, sharing personal experiences of stress or trauma chosen at their discretion.  This course includes practical exercises, individual Personal Experience Interviews and group practice interviews along with comprehensive class discussion.

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