"People continuously ask me how I became so passionate about changing culture, and why I shifted from criminal investigations to advocacy. There are a lot of reasons for my transition, but my primary answer is and always has been, "Have you met Russ Strand?" His teachings and philosophy have been one of the most biggest influences of my chosen profession. He's exactly why my transition to advocacy was so smooth. He's a tremendous speaker, and passionate advocate for people. If you are looking for a guest speaker, or ways to improve your agency's response to acts of violence - I wholeheartedly encourage you to give Strand & Heitman a call."

"Just like everything else you've done this too will be an awesome and exciting adventure!!! You have and continue to positively touch crime fighter's lives everyday. I, for one, am grateful for your classes, patience,  and expertise!"

"...after all these years, you are still the best in the business! As one of your former students, thank you for the knowledge and wisdom you imparted to all of us. Best wishes for much success in all your future endeavors! Hooah!"

"Extremely knowledgeable and hands on practitioner of material w/ vast experience. This aspect solidified the material being presented. Instructor has also demonstrated this confidence in the subject matter and this expertise as a practitioner... a greatly appreciated and shared experience by those w/ identical career paths (military & law enforcement careers)"

"The passion you have for your work really resonates through your presentation and greatly impacts the participants - you found your calling and it shows! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience." 

​"I really mean this when I say, every detective needs to hear your presentation and change the way they interview victims.  It would have a huge impact on the cases they investigate!"

Special Victims Unit Supervisory Detective