**Disclaimer: All videos on this website are demonstrations of Mr. Strand's prior work experience/expertise and do not endorse or infer endorsement by any governmental organization. 

- Former Supervisory Special Agent 
- Former Lead Instructor for Behavioral Sciences  Education & Training Division, United  States Army Military Police School
- Nationally Recognized Subject  Matter Expert & Speaker

quality education, training & consultation to multidisciplinary professionals in the areas of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, trauma, trauma responses, victim, witness and suspect innovative interview techniques, advanced human dimension forensic techniques, advanced innovative criminal investigation techniques and culture change.

Education & training includes conducting advanced professional plenary & keynote presentations, workshops, and training and educational courses including development and implementation of educational modules and training institutes.

Consultations include review of ongoing and completed criminal & administrative investigations; interview of victims, witnesses and suspects; consultations with police, prosecutors, civil attorneys, defense attorneys, victim advocates, behavioral health specialists, colleges & universities, international, federal state & local agencies and organizations; conducting research; membership on boards, task force and panels; technical assistance and testifying in civil and criminal proceedings.  

- Retired Senior Special Agent 

- Retired Chief, Behavioral Sciences  Education & Training Division, United  States Army Military Police School

- Internationally Recognized Subject  Matter Expert & Speaker